Adastra helps global organizations along their digital transformation journey to innovate and create unforgettable customer experiences with their data.

The Challenge

Over the course of the last few years, Naeem Studios has built a strong partnership with Adastra North America, by providing a multitude of services ranging from explainer animation for AI projects to filming company events and creating software training videos for new employees.

The Solution

Naeem Studios provided the solution of creating an animation video series that explained Adastra SCALE AI project to potential applicants, where applicants can benefit from a unique opportunity in the shape of funding and AI implementation in the supply chain of their businesses. The animations visually simplified complex AI applications by using real-life use cases as examples of technology helping businesses.

Scale AI 1

Explainer Animation

Scale AI 2

Explainer Animation

Scale AI 3

Explainer Animation

Scale AI 4

Explainer Animation

 Naeem Studios produced videos for events hosted by Adastra to help increase employee participation and engagement. Our goal was to showcase the work-life balance and lifestyle at Adastra.

The Rec Room Video

Meet Adastrans and get to know Nova Consultants.

Cricket Team

Meet Adastra Cricket Team and Canadian Cricket Corporate League.

Play Video

View Adastra's Cricket Video

Christmas Drive-Thru

Adastra’s Christamas Drive-Thru Santa Event

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